Banyak sekali istilah istilah umum dalam bahasa Indonesia yang kita ucapkan sehari harinya. Dari istilah istilah umum tersebut, banyak yang kesulitan atau kebingungan apabila akan mengucapkannya dalam bahasa inggris.

Misalnya dalam bahasa kita, kita sering bilang "ih amit amit", "Jaim", "Rese' Lo" dan lain sebagainya. Namun bagaimana bila kata kata tersebut kita ucapkan dalam bahasa inggris...??? Pasti banyak yang kesulitan untuk menemukan kata kata yang cocok kecuali memang yang sudah ahli...

Untuk itulah, disini saya akan memberikan sedikit saja pengetahuan tentang istilah umum dalam bahasa Indonesia apabila akan kita ucapkan dalam bahasa Inggris (Bisa dibilang kamus kecil kecilan gitu...). Kenapa cuma sedikit...?? Ya, karena saya bukanlah ahli dibidang ini (gak bisa bahasa inggris), jadi ya harap maklum.

Oke, langsung aja kita mulai dari yang pertama...

A :
Abon ayamshredded chicken
Abon sapishredded beef
Ada sajathere is always a way to solve the problem
Ada-ada sajato expect the unexpected: there is always something new happening, no kidding, it is to be expected of you
Ada-ada saja, kamuonly you would do such a thing, that’s just that’s just like you!
Aduh, amit-amitGod forbid!
Ah bising, sana pergi!go jump in a lake
Ah, lagian kamu sichbecause of you, look what happened
Ah, mo tau aja luyou ask too much
Aih nyang benerget outta here
Akal-akalan sajato do tricks, it is a scam
Ambil langkah seributo run away from responsibility
Angin-anginanmoody, temperamental
Angon sapia cow herder, a cowboy
Antrito queue up, to stand in line
Apa boleh buat, nasi sudah menjadi buburit is too late, there is nothing we can do now
Apa boleh buat, nasi telah menjadi buburit is too late, the rice has turned into porridge, there is nothing we can do about it
Apa kabarslang: what's up? Whazzup?
Apa yang akan terjadi, terjadilah kita akan siap mengadapinyacome what may
Apapun nanti hasilnyawhatever the results might be
Arisanmoney pool (only for Indonesians)

B :
Bagai pinang dibelah duato be idle an exact likeness, a spitting image
Bagaimana menyatakan rasa cintaI care a lot about you; I have fallen for you; I have feelings for you; You are the one …
Bagus, hebat, jempolneato!
Belagu amat sih lu!you talk too much
Belepotanto be smeared
Belum-belumto be anxious of what is going to happen
Benar-benar, betul-betulto be madly, truly, deeply
Bengal, bandelstubborn, obstinate, hard headed
Berbisikto whisper
Berkenalanto introduce yourself to someone; Hi, my name is John. Pleased to meet you. (shaking hands), hi, I am Memet.
Berkhayal, mengkhayalkanto imagine
Berpacarandating, going with someone, seeing someone
Berpangku tanganto be idle
Bersemangat untukto really put an effort to do something
Bersilato sit cross legged on the floor
Bersinto sneeze
Bertekuk lututto surrender
Bertolak pinggangto put hands on waist
Biarinlet it be, leave it alone
Bicara ceplas-ceplosto say things openly/bluntly without restraint
Bisu, tuna wicaramute, speech impaired
Blak-blakanto say things openly/bluntly without restraint
Bodohdum, stupid
Bodoh (umpatan)moron, imbecile (insults)
Bosento be bored
Brengsek luyou are annoying
BS - bayar sendiri-sendirito go Dutch (everyone pays their own meal)
BT - bete - butuh temanlonely, needing a friend
Budek ludid you hear what I said?
Budukanskin rash
Buka puasathe end of a fasting day
Bukan basa-basinot to be polite or anything

C :
Cari muka
to kiss up (brown-noser)
Cepek100 in Chinese (in Indonesia)
Cesplengto be effective (like medicine)
Cinta butalove is blind
Cuci matasight seeing, window shopping
Cuekdoes not care
Curhatheart-to-heart talk

D :
Dasar kamu nichit is no surprise, it is expected of you
Dasar laki-laki mata keranjanga womanizer
Dasar rese!it is so annoying!
Dengan siapa ia berbicara tentang hal itu?with whom did he talk about it?
Dikitik-kitikto be tickled
Dilarang ada di sini tanpa tujuanno loitering
Dilarang buang sampah di sinino littering
Diobok-obokto be disturbed
Ditengaraito be considered as
Doyanto like, to be fond of
Duduk jegangto sit cross-legged, one leg on the other knee, or, one knee up while sitting on a chair, to sit hugging the knees
Dukun bolamascot

E :
EGP - emangnye gua pikirinwhatever - I do not care
Ekonomi ngos-ngosaneconomic slump
Etika muslimah berpakaianMuslim women dress norm

F :
Waduh, Sepertinya kosong nih...

G :
Gadis impian, cewek idamanimaginary diva
Gaptek (gape teknologi)to be up to date with technology
Gertak sambalhis bark is louder than his bite
Giliranto take turns, next
Gitu aja kok repotdon’t sweat the small stuff everything is small stuff, it’s a piece of cake, it's so easy, there is nothing to it
Gombal - rayuan gombalbaloney
Gosong (memasak)burnt (a burnt toast)
GR, Ge-eRto have self esteem
Gregetanto show strong emotion

H :
Hakim anggotaa member of a judge in a panel of judges, appointed for special occasion
Hal itu kiranya tidak pada tempatnyait is not proper
Hanyutto drown, drowning
Harkat, martabat, derajathonor
Hidung belangwomanizer
Hidung melerrunny, drippy nose
Hitam manisa good looking dark skinned person
Hutang budian indebtedness, this cannot be repaid
Hutang emasto borrow materials, this can be repaid

I :
Ih, nggemesin banget sich!aw, so cute (I want to crush you to pieces and eat you up!) usually said with much excitement
Ingin sekalito long for something

J :
Jaim, jaga image, jaga gengsito keep up with the Jones
Jangan kapok main ke sini ya?please come visit again
Jangan sok poetis deh kamuhey you, cut the silly nonsense!
Jatuh bangunto struggle very hard, to work real hard at something
Jayuztelling jokes that is not funny
Jebolcollapse, such as a wall, a dam, or revamping of something such as penjebolan hukum kolonial - to end the colonial laws
Jegangto cross one's legs
Jomblosomeone who does not have a boyfriend or a girlfriend
Jumat malamFriday evening
Justruexactly, precisely

K :
Kakak kelasone grade higher in school
Kambing hitama scapegoat
Kangkungwater cress
Kapokonce bitten twice shy
Karena tak kenal maka tak cintadon't knock it till you've tried it; to know you is to love you after all; grew to love
Kasih ibu sepanjang jalan, kasih anak sepanjang galaha mother's love is forever, a child's love is not so
Kasih saran yaplease give advice, okay?
Kasihan deh lupoor thing, poor you
Kawin larito elope
Kebangetanthat is far out, that is unbelievable
Kebetulan sekaliby sheer coincidence
KeceleI am sorry I thought you were someone else
Kekasih gelapsecret lover
Kelihatannya sore ini akan hujanit looks like it is going to rain this afternoon
Kelompok cendekiawanthink tank
Kena batunya (rasain)serves you right
Kepencutto be attracted
Keseleo kakisprained ankle or foot
Keseleo lidaha slip of the tongue
Kesemutanone's leg is asleep
Ketabrak mobil dari belakangto be rear ended
Ketar-ketir, dag-dig-dugto be fearful of something, apprehensive
Ketawanya jangan kepaksa dongplease do not laugh if it is not funny
Kewalahanto have bitten more than one can chew
Kode etikethical code
Kongkalikongto be in cahoots to do a bad thing,to conspire
Kruel-kruelgrowling sound
Krupuk kulitchips, rind
Kualatcursed, damned
Kuda binala wild horse
Kuper, kurang pergaulanvery narrow minded due to lack of communication skills
Kutilanto have warts

L :
Lancangto step out of line
Lari seperti dikejar setanto run as if chased by a ghost
Laristo sell briskly, everyone is buying
Lengangquiet and deserted
Lenggang-lenggokto sashay across the cat walk
Lesehanto have a meal on a mat on the floor
Lesung pipitdimple (on cheek), cleft (on chin on men)
Lintah daratloan shark
Lu ada acara malam ini, nggak?are you free tonight? (between close friends, otherwise, it may be too impolite; better to say - when could you be with us? - and let them decide when)

M :
Mabuk-mabukan, minum-minumto have a drinking party (alcohol)
Magangto intern, an intern
Mak comblanga match maker
Malam JumatThursday evening
Malu-malu kucingto be shy
Malu-maluinto bring shame
Mandi maduto have a honey bath (spa)
Manyundisappointed, and pouting
Mata duitanto love money
Mata keranjangroving eyes
Mau datang ke rumah hari Jumat?would you like to come over on Friday?
Mau menang sendirito be controlling, to feel always right
Mau tau aja luwhy are you so curious? what is it to you?
Melahirkanto give birth to
Melempemnot crunchy or crispy anymore, unproductive
Melengnot paying attention on the road, to look sideways to be inattentive
Membatasito curb
Memblehaving a bad mood, or needing a friend, or an old broken machine
Membuat janji, janjianto make an appointment
Memelet cowok, atau cewekto attract a guy or girl through magic spells
Mencurigakana kind of sketchy part of town; a kind of sketchy guy
Mendampratto scold
Mengecilto shrink
Menggigilto shiver due to cold weather
Menggondolto go away with the price
Menguapto yawn
Menjampi-jampito use magic spells
Mensosialisasikan peraturan perusahaan kepada karyawanto practice company regulations to fit local workers' condition such as cuti haid or leave for women who have their periods
Merecokito fuss over, to bother
Mereka bisa, kenapa saya tidak bisa?if they can do it, why cannot I?
Merinding karena angkerto be scared because of a ghost, a scary sound or apparition in a haunted to be spooked up
Merusak suasanaa fly in the ointment
Mimpi kali yee!only in your dreams, dream on, it
Minggir dongwatch out; move over!; excuse me!
Minta geser sedikitcould you move over a little
Minta maaf atas kesalahan yang lumayan fatalplease forgive me for a big mistake
Mo tau aja, luyou are just too curious
Mobil ini punya siapa?Whose car is this?
Mohon diri, mohon pamitto say goodbye

N :
Naksirto have a crush on someone
Nasi ramessteamed white rice with appropriate dishes: sayur lodeh, ayam goreng, pepes ikan, bergedel, krupuk udang,sambel bajak, sayur kare, emping mlinjo, semur ayam, acar campur
Ngacirto leave abruptly without saying goodbye
Ngalor-ngidulto be in disarray and no organization no consensus
Ngambekto sulk
Ngeresa very sad, sob story, wrenching tale
Nggak gaptekunwilling to embrace new technology or move forwards, being backwards
Nggak juga sihnot so much
Nggak sukanot my cup of tea
Ngilerto drool or to want something real bad
Nglilirto stir up from sleep
Ngos-ngosanto be out of breath (from running)
Niata strong determination to fast, strong will
Nirlabanon profit organization
Nongkrongto hang out, to sit around doing nothing
Norakagainst the common norms
Nunggingto bend down, backside up

O :
Obat ini mempan sekali, manjurthis medicine is very effective
Oleh-olehitems brought over from a trip, or from a farm harvest
Onde-ondefried sesame ball
Ongkang-ongkangto relax, to sit back and do nothing
Otak udangstupid, small brains

P :
Pandai bergaulgood communication skills
Pantesanoh, no wonder
Parno abisvery terrified, petrified with fear or worry
Patah hatibroken hearted
PD - percaya diriself confidence
PD abisstrong self confidence
PDKT - pendekatansaying nice things to someone like 'you look nice today' to get to know someone better
Pedagang asonganstreet peddler
Pedagang kaki limastreet vendor
Pemakaian kata who, whom dan whose, contoh-contohnyaThe man, whom I love and respect, is my father; Di sini 'who' bisa juga dipakai.; The woman, whose son is named Ali, is actually our neighbor.
Peminta-mintaa beggar
Pendiaman introvert
Pengamenstreet musician
Pengejawantahanthe appearance of
Pengemisa pan handler
Penggaruka scraper, a rake, a scratcher
Pengin muntahto feel sick
Pengin sekali menanga killer instinct to win
Peribahasaproverb: the longest ourney begins with a single step
Perjaka ting-tinga virgin male
Perlengkapan bayibaby layette
Perut keroncongangrowling stomach due to hunger
Pesantrenan Islamic school and dormitory
Plesetanword games, a play on words, pun
Polisi tidurstreet humps to prevent speeding cars
Psikiatera shrink, a psychiatrist
Puisi, syair, pantunpoem, poetry, verse
Pulang kampung, mudikto go home to one's hometown

Q :
Waduh, Sepertinya kosong nih...

R :
Ragu-raguto hesitate, to be in doubt
Randa kemplinga young widow
Rasa kikuk, janggallike a fish out of the water
Rasainserves you right, you deserve it
Rem itu pakem (makan)very responsive brakes
Rese'very annoying
Rinduto miss someone
Risihto feel uncomfortable

S :
Sambalhot pepper sauce
Sambal-sambalanvarious kinds of hot pepper sauces
Sampaikan salam saya kepadaplease give my regards to …
Saya lagi nggak mood ngomong sama kamuI do not feel like talking to you right now
Sebagai seekor burung pungguk yang merindukan bulanto have very high expectations
Sebelnot nice
Sehidup-sematitill death do us part
Selamat Hari Raya Idulfitri Idulfitri mubarak, Happy Idulfitri
Selamatkanto save
Selamatkan bumi kitasave our planet
Semau gueI will do as I please, whatever I like
Sensasisensation, sensational
Senyuman mauta killer smile
Serak-serak basahthroaty, hoarse, husky voice
Serigala berbulu dombawolf in sheep's clothing
Setengah matilingering between life and death or a very hard struggle
Sewotangry, to be cross, to be grouchy
Siapa yang bisa saya ajak bicara?with whom can I talk about it?
Siapa yang ketinggalan dompet di kelas?who left a wallet in the class room?
Simpan uang iniplease save this money
Sintingcrazy, nutty person
Sok jagoan, ugal-ugalana hotshot
Sok kenal sok dekat (SKSD)someone who is too friendly after just being introduced
Sok tahusmart alleck, mr. know-it-all
Sop buntutoxtail soup
Sudah banyak makan asam garaman experienced person
Sujudto show respect and honor to the elders
Sumpah matiI swear to God, cross my heart and hope to die
Sunatana circumcision
Syukur, untunglahthank goodness

T :
Tabrak larihit and run
Tak tunggu ngantek cengklungento wait for a very long time
Tangan kirileft hand
Tanggal mudajust got paid, pay day
Tanggal tuato be broke
Tedeng aling-alingcamouflage, pretense
Tega-teganyaso inhumane, heartless
Telur mata sapifried egg, sunny side up
Teman saya dan sayamy friend and I
Tergila-gilato be crazy over someone or something
Termakan isuto be swayed by an issue, to be strongly influenced by an issue
Terpojok dalam keadaan bahayajeopardized, to be in jeopardy
Tersendat-sendatinconsistent, unstable, changeable
Terseok-seokto struggle when walking
Tertawa terpingkal-pingkalto laugh that evil laugh, to cackle
Tetek bengeka variety of items
Tidak apa-apano big deal, it is okay, it is alright
Tidak mempaninvulnerable
Tidur-tiduranlying around - to lounge around
Titipto ask someone to do you a favor such as to bring a letter from you to someone else
Tongpes (kantong kempes)to be flat broke
Tumbensurprisingly;it is surprising that you come, that you called, that you contact us (something which has not been happening for a while)
Tumpang sariintercrop planting system
Tumpengsaffron rice served for special occasion
Tunggang-langgangto run as fast as you can, like a bat out of hell, run for your life; rough and tumble, haphazard

U :
Uang anakaninterest (payment)
Uang panashot money, illegal money
Ugal-ugalanmischievous; very uncouth, no manner
Ujian sulita killer exam
Urunanto chip in, to contribute some money

V :
Waduh, Sepertinya kosong nih...

W :
wira-wirito and from

X :
Waduh, Sepertinya kosong nih...

Y :
Waduh, Sepertinya kosong nih...

Z :
Waduh, Sepertinya kosong nih...

Yup, Segitu aja dulu.
Semoga dapat bermanfaat.
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