IBM M-15 Ergo Keyboard
This keyboard began its life as a very rare IBM Model M-15 split ergonomic keyboard
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"The Alchemist" Keyboard
This keyboard was originally designed for a pharmacist and is themed around the Alchemical/Apothecary/Medical arts.
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Datamancer Deco Keyboard
The keyboard features a black reflective acrylic faceplate, brilliant white LEDs, and a frame made of wood and chrome.
Being a big huge fan of Art Deco in general, I jumped at the chance to finally build something in this style. Well, it seems to have jarred something loose because I've been sketching Deco designs like crazy since then and hope to be unveiling a full Deco PC soon with matching keyboard and mouse.
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"The Aviator" Keyboard
The Aviator features a brushed aluminum frame, a black felt faceplate, and "jewel"-styled LEDs reminiscent of an old airplane instrument panel.
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"The Archbishop" Keyboard
This keyboard was originally designed to accompany the Archbishop PC but is available as a stand-alone design. It features a wooden faceplate in a red mahogany stain, a polished brass frame with quatrefoil designs in the side, and keys in a fancy cursive font.
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"The Industrial" Keyboard
This keyboard is good, old-fashioned, dirty steampunk. The frame is dirty aluminum and the "feet" are made from old transmission planetary gears cut in half. The faceplate is an aluminum mesh and the keys are made of hex nuts. The LEDs are hollowed-out round light bulbs mounted in a threaded holder.
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The Scrabble Keyboard
This keyboard is made with real Scrabble tiles and features a brushed aluminum casing and oak faceplate.
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